Monday, 9 March 2015

First post or something?

"Why the bloody hell would you create a blog? You're the least interesting person ever"

Some Person, 2015



I decided to make a blog. Just because I have that much free time, and I can't be bothered to do anything constructive with it.

A lot goes on in my mind, and sometimes there is that one thing that I think of that's worth writing down. But instead of just narrowing it down to one thing, I felt it was better to expand and write my thoughts down if I had things on my mind. It helps clear my mind, and who knows. I might even have something of interest!

I also am in the middle of writing up stuff for my history blog, recommended by my friends as apparently I can talk about things like that. I guess that's one of my hidden talents. Either that, or they have no idea about history whatsoever. I like to think it's the first option..

I also love the Simpsons, so expect the beginning quote or most of this or whatever is going to have some form of reference to the show, but if you follow my Twitter/Facebook then you'll see that I do that anyway.

Ideally, I think that this may be just me combining Facebook and Twitter into one long place that has everything on my mind so that I can just blabber on about nothingness :P

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